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School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

As the largest transdisciplinary school in the humanities at Arizona State University, the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies (SHPRS) is home to a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in core humanities disciplines, including history, philosophy, the academic study of religion, Jewish studies, and Asia studies. Our faculty are internationally recognized experts in their fields, and our students go on to careers in government, business, academia, law, medicine, education, the non-profit sector and more. Although we are diverse and often disagree, we are united as an intellectual community, collaborating across disciplinary boundaries to advance the frontiers of human knowledge and the common good.

Students in the school deepen their understanding of the past, grapple with the most urgent challenges of the present, and develop the broad skillset in reasoning, problem solving, ethics and effective communication needed to shape a more just, sustainable and equitable future. 

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