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African and African American Studies

African and African American Studies

African and African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the School of Social Transformation at ASU. Our faculty members examine a wide array of issues and accomplishments of African-descended peoples at various times and places in history. Our faculty members are experts in a variety of areas, including anthropology, education, history, journalism, literature, psychology, sociology, political science and women’s studies. 

Our students can study real­-world issues in African and African American history, migration patterns (African Diaspora), art, literature, religion, family life and education, as well as how race and institutional racism have impacted the development of African descended people in America and around the world. Student pursuing a BA can specialize in either African studies or African Disapora studies. 

Our learners also gain hands-­on experience with faculty dedicated to social justice and become a part of an inclusive and supportive community of learners. Research experiences with faculty are encouraged and more than 180 internships available across the country. 

Our program's graduates have gone on to graduate school, medical school and law school, pursued careers in jounalism, law enforcement, human right and social policy, and written novels.  

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