Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies explores all aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (or Early Modern period) across cultures, disciplines and geographical locations.

Why study the Middle Ages and Renaissance? Because democracy demands wisdom, and conveying the lessons of history to all is a responsibility that we believe in and demonstrate through our many programs: lecture series, publications, academic programs, grant pursuits and research.

Our focus is on promoting the study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance throughout the world, learning about the human experience in this period, and encouraging an understanding of our shared past as human beings.

For students, our certificate, study abroad and publishing programs offer unique experiential learning and research opportunities in a variety of disciplines. Our annual international conference brings world-renowned scholars to Arizona State University. With projects and programs spanning the globe, our work has international appeal and significance. 

Our partners include the University of Toronto, the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Monash University, the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, the Medieval Academy of America, and the Renaissance Society of America.