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People sitting at table having a discussion.

Project Humanities

Project Humanities brings together individuals and communities, within and around Arizona State University, to instill passion and knowledge of humanities study, research, and humanist thought. By exploring shared ideas and experiences, Project Humanities facilitates conversations across diverse communities to build understanding through talking, listening, and connecting.

An award-winning initiative at ASU, Project Humanities facilitates critical conversations with individuals and communities across disciplines, generations and professions. In just under four years, we have become a leader in local, national and international conversations about our shared humanity.

Under the banner of our Project Humanities efforts, we created Humanity 101 as a toolbox of diverse programs and activities which focus on the question: “Are we losing our humanity?”  Our response to this question is an ambitious Movement to prove that humanity is bound by shared experiences, instead of the social disconnect and divisiveness suggested by current headlines and news stories. Indeed, this movement creates local synergy, empowerment and awareness through our seven Humanity 101 principles: kindness, compassion, integrity, respect, empathy, forgiveness and self-reflection.

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