• History and Philosophy of Science

    The History and Philosophy of Science shows that scientists ask the big questions that are typically considered humanities questions: what is life, who are we, where did we come from, how can we achieve a good life. Read more

  • Institute for Humanities Research

    Through the Institute for Humanities Research, humanities scholars collaborate with each other and with researchers across the university to address our most fundamental and challenging “big questions”: Read more

  • School for the Future of Innovation in Society

    At the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, we make the future – or, rather, the set of plausible futures that humanity has – a focus of our activities. We are planning now for the kinds of futures that we will want to inhabit. Read more

  • Environmental Humanities Initiative

    The environmental humanities bring humanists together with social scientists and scientists to improve human wellbeing, promote justice, and protect earth’s life support systems. Read more

Humanities at ASU: Sharing the human experience

The humanities explore the past and present of human culture so we can understand ourselves -- and create a better world for the future.

Arizona State University students and scholars, from the first-year student setting foot on campus for the first time to the distinguished faculty member with worldwide eminence, come together in and out of the classroom to understand our world and to create new knowledge about the peoples and cultures inhabiting the Earth. Humanities is embedded in many different academic programs at the university, from the life sciences, law, media, arts and engineering to ASU’s distinguished humanities departments, schools and research centers.

Come see some of what humanists@ASU do and the transdisciplinary research, education and community service that underpins ASU--a New American University.