Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies at Arizona State University exemplifies the spirit of the New American University, while honoring the deep learning of the academic study of Judaism.

Jewish Studies offers critical inquiry, inspired teaching, and innovative public engagement. A uniquely interdisciplinary unit, Jewish Studies consists of the Jewish Studies Program and the Center for Jewish Studies. The Program of Jewish Studies offers a Certificate in Jewish Studies and a B.A. in Jewish Studies, along with graduate level courses in relevant disciplines (e.g., History, Religious Studies, Philosophy and English) that lead to master’s and doctorate degrees. The interdisciplinary Center for Jewish Studies engages in knowledge production through conferences, lectures, exhibits, films and concerts that creatively fuse the sciences, the humanities and the arts.

The public programs of Jewish Studies are:

  • inclusive and open to all students and faculty members regardless of religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, sex, gender and class.
  • comprehensive, encompassing the entire scope of the Jewish civilization from antiquity to the present, throughout the globe. 
  • innovative, thinking about Judaism in the past and the present in order to address the challenges of the future.
  • relevant, addressing specific social, political, religious problems of people and offering concrete solutions to actual challenges.  

Jewish Studies at ASU is particularly innovative in four main areas:

  • Judaism, science, and medicine
  • Jewish diaspora cultures
  • Post-Holocaust Jewish life
  • Judaism and the Arts

Jewish Studies collaborates with academic institutions in other parts of the world while offering innovative programs to the residents of metropolitan Phoenix.