school international letters and cultures

School of International Letters and Cultures

The study of other languages and cultures has always been one of the most rewarding of human activities—one that is replete with intrinsic interest, practical value and insights into one’s own culture and behavior. But in today’s increasingly global environment, intercultural and interdisciplinary communication and knowledge have unprecedented value.

Arizona State University's establishment of the School of International Letters and Cultures anticipated an important report from the Modern Language Association calling for “a broader and more coherent curriculum in which language, culture and literature are taught as a continuous whole, supported by alliances with other departments and expressed through interdisciplinary courses.”

The school is organized into five language areas/faculties

Students have access to a variety of educational experiences that prepare them for life and citizenship in the modern world. These include the study of more than 20 languages, as well as opportunities for students to experience language and culture firsthand on campus and study abroad in full-year or semester long language and cultural immersion programs. 

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