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Sun Devils at Huangshan

Chinese Flagship Program

The Arizona State University Chinese Language Flagship is a select, federally-funded program designed to enable students studying Chinese, no matter what their majors, to attain superior language proficiency. ASU Chinese Flagship students are strong academic achievers with a variety of career goals. More than 60 percent of Flagship students have more than one major, including: biological sciences, computer science, civil engineering, physics, anthropology, global studies, finance, supply chain management, and others. ROTC cadets also number among the students in the Chinese Language Flagship, and special efforts are made to accommodate their needs.

Chinese Flagship students typically spend three to four years at ASU and one year overseas. During this time, they take courses in their primary major as well as courses developed by the ASU Chinese Flagship. The Flagship courses are designed to promote cultural literacy and help students develop superior level language skills. Students are required to spend their final year, a capstone year, overseas. They spend one semester direct enrolled along with regular Chinese college students in courses in their primary major at Nanjing University or Beijing Union University. They then spend one semester in a structured internship in a Chinese company or other organization directly related to their majors. Students are eligible for scholarships that may be applied towards domestic and overseas summer language programs.

This innovative program is designed to produce graduates with dual strengths in professional level Chinese language proficiency and in students’ chosen career domains. Flagship students are uniquely positioned to address the most pressing local and global issues world citizens face.

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