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Earth from space.

Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab is a research-drive incubator for social change. It provides students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on research on compelling social challenges of interest to today’s students while working with others who are also invested in making a difference.

Humanities Labs are premised on the belief that technology alone will not resolve contemporary public health, civil rights and environmental crises. Humanities Labs bring diverse (and often historically excluded) stakeholders together and foreground the connectedness of humanity in the web of life as a teaching and learning philosophy, and in this way enable collaborative approaches that go beyond traditional academic boundaries and build bridges to new ways of knowing, doing and being.

Co-directors and associate professors Heather Switzer and Juliann Vitullo welcome your ideas for new labs, your collaboration, experience, point-of-view, and networks of passionate colleagues and community partners.

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