Center for Science and the Imagination

The Center for Science and the Imagination: Dreaming, making and sharing better futures

The Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University brings together diverse networks of people to imagine and create research-based visions of the future. We use storytelling, design and other creative methods to explore scientific frontiers and emerging technologies. Our work involves thinking deeply (and on occasion, whimsically) about a broad spectrum of possible futures and insisting upon our ability – and responsibility – to actively pursue and build the futures we want to live in together. The center serves as a network hub for humanities scholars, authors, artists, scientists, engineers, teachers and other experts to collaborate on audacious ideas and reignite humanity’s grand ambitions for innovation and discovery.

Our major programs include Hieroglyph, a public community of science fiction authors, scientists and researchers as well as a series of anthologies featuring gripping, thought-provoking stories about the near future; the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project, which explores science in society through a modern myth of creativity and responsibility; and Sprint Beyond the Book, a series of public experiments that explore the complex and exciting future of reading, writing and publishing in our digital age.