Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Arizona State University Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is the largest comprehensive design and arts school in the nation, located within a dynamic 21st-century research university. With 4,700+ students, more than 675 faculty and faculty associates, 135 degrees and a tradition of top-ranked programs, we are committed to redefining the 21st-century design and arts school. Our college is built on a combination of disciplines unlike any other program in the nation, comprising schools of art; arts, media and engineering; design; film, dance and theatre; and music; as well as the ASU Art Museum. We are guided by the following five design principles:

  • Creativity is a core 21st-century competency.
  • Design and the arts are critical resources for transforming our society.
  • The Herberger Institute is committed to enterprise and entrepreneurship.
  • Every person, regardless of social background, deserves an equal chance to help tell our nation’s stories.
  • Effectiveness requires excellence.