School of Human Evolution and Social Change

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change explores the human experience across time, cultures and disciplines. Here, we investigate a diversity of subjects that put humanity at the forefront, like the origins of culture and cooperation, the relationships between societies and their environments and the many factors that contribute to enduring health challenges.

Using the latest technologies, our top-level faculty produce new perspectives on – and innovative solutions to – issues of global importance, all while training the next generation not only to succeed but also to make a difference in the world.

Our programs offer unique experiential learning and research opportunities in anthropology, applied mathematics for the life and social sciences, global health, environmental social science and museum studies.

Ideally positioned to look deep into our human past, we seek to understand not just where we came from, but why our current world is as it is and how we can shape our future. Among our assets are collections totaling almost two million specimens, ranging from Southwest Asian textiles to hominid casts. We are also home to the Center for Archaeology and Society and the Teotihuacan Research Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility near the ancient Mesoamerican city.

With projects, field stations and study abroad programs spanning five continents, our work has global reach and resonance. But we do more than study the world; we invite it in by collaborating with local communities, ensuring equitable, sustainable outcomes. Our focus is on learning about the human experience so that we can improve it.