Medical Humanities Initiative

Medical Humanities is a new and growing interdisciplinary area committed to bringing the insights of humanities disciplines to healthcare research, training and policy-making. It includes researchers working in areas such as bioethics, narrative medicine (which promotes the practical use of narrative in patient care as well as research on narrative in relation to our experiences of health and illness), history of medicine, disability studies, philosophy and religious studies, and global health and development. 

With the growing interest in refocusing on the human being at the center of American health care, the initiative seeks to:

  • Build ASU as a flagship institution in medical humanities research
  • Enhance ties with Mayo Clinic to advance better approaches to health care

The initiative promtes understanding and scholarship through a Medical Humanities Reading Series and The Imagining Health Project – collaborations between the Center for Humanities in Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and the Institute for Humanities Research at ASU.