The Embryo Project

The Embryo Project is an education and science communication system that includes a series of courses and an online, open access digital encyclopedia.

Undergraduate and graduate students from any major can enroll in the Embryo Project writers workshop seminar, where they learn to do research and write short articles about science for a general audience. The work is historically-based, socially-engaged, and interprets topics related to embryos, development, reproduction, related biomedical sciences and their social settings from Aristotle through tomorrow. Discussions of science are embedded in their rich historical contexts so that the ideas are connected with the people and places where they were generated. The focus is on telling the stories of science.

The articles that students write in the workshop seminar go through a rigorous peer review process in an Embryo Project editing seminar, and are then digitally published in the open access Embryo Project Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia reaches more than 1 million people a year, including high school students and teachers, as well as professional scientists from around the world, and has been cited in top ranked journals.

The Embryo Project is funded by Arizona State University president’s office, ASU’s Institute for Humanities Research and a series of grants from the National Science Foundation. The project is administered by the Center for Biology and Society in ASU School of Life Sciences