Director Meet and Greet

Portrait of Nicole Anderson.

ASU faculty and staff are invited to a casual meet and greet with the new director of the Institute for Humanities Research, Nicole Anderson.

This event will follow ASU's current COVID-19 guidelines for in-person events.

Beverages will be provided.

Nicole Anderson's Bio

Professor Nicole Anderson has a PhD from the University of Sydney and until Feb 2021 was Head/Dean for six years of a large interdisciplinary department (Media-Communications, Creative Arts, Language and Literature) at a leading university in NSW, Australia. She is the co-founder and chief editor of the journal Derrida Today, published by Edinburgh University Press, and the founder and executive director of the Derrida Today Conferences. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and span fields such as cultural theory and practice, art theory, posthumanism, animal and environmental studies, ethics, bio-culture, biopolitics, poststructuralism and continental philosophy.

She has curated major exhibitions at leading cultural institutions including the NSW Art Gallery enabled by a prestigious and externally competitive Australia Research Council grant, and currently holds (with Chris Muller) a fellowship with the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Sydney, where they both are currently working on curating a number of museum objects around the theme of “empathy machines”, that is, the way in which technologies elicit individual and cultural empathy. Her forthcoming book entitled "Culture," to be published with Routledge, explores the intersection between and co-implications of technology, science, art and culture (and utilizes epigenetics to think through some of these intersections). Along with numerous book chapters and articles in various academic journals and publishers, she is the author of "Derrida: Ethics Under Erasure" (Bloomsbury) and "Cultural Theory in Everyday Practice" (Oxford UP).

Institute for Humanities Research
Lauren Whitby
Sep 30 2021 - 3:30pm
Ross-Blakley Hall 196, 197
Tempe campus