American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies at Arizona State University is grounded in the experiences of American Indian nations, communities and peoples from American Indian perspectives. Our programs incorporate the worldviews, literatures, knowledge systems, political structures and languages that characterize Indian societies, in addition to recognizing the commonalities shared with other indigenous world communities. We work to advance the protection and strengthening of Indian sovereignty and self-determination, self-sufficiency and human rights while acknowledging the impacts of colonialism on religious freedom, health and welfare, landholdings and cultural integrity of Indian nations. 

Our faculty view their teaching, research and service as a “sacred” responsibility; one undertaken for the sake of cultural survival. Our curriculum reflects this dedication, as we strive to promote the intellectual, ethical and social development of students and offer a comprehensive and practical understanding of U.S. Indian law and policy, colonization/decolonization and nation building. We train future leaders and intellectuals to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our partners include Indian nations, communities and groups that seek tangible and sensible solutions rooted in indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge to address problems facing American Indian nations.