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"Excellent event, program, presentation tonight!!  And the pictures on the screen looked like Maya Angelou was there really....about to step out.  Introduction by Dr Whitaker was really good and nice. And the performances by stage presenters also great!!  When the young woman was doing the section "Complaining" from Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey,man....could I hear myself!! … Was spectacular! Hearing various peoples' own voices recite her words and giving real meaning and life examples to her words. And so many people having an opportunity to express selves with her so many different words, poems, stories. And Nikki Giovanni terrific!!! Her stories about Maya, events and you too were really great!!Terrific collaboration between you three. And a really wonderful way/event to express Thanks for Maya Angelou in all her glory.  And also further education and learning about what is out there to learn and enjoy from Maya Angelou. Looking forward to event tonight! All kinds of new and interesting and joy." Becky G.

"I feel sad for all who missed this magical evening honoring and remembering Maya. The format of flow allowed the beauty of expression to emerge from those present. Thanks to all who organized this lovely event. Awesome bonus seeing Nikki Giovanni!" Kathie K.

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