Project Humanities



Humanity 101


  1. Spring Kickoff Events

  2. A Conversation with Artist Beth Ames Swartz

  3. Dalai Lama Commends Project Humanities

  4. Are We Losing our Humanity? Politics and Politicians

  5. Congratulations, Project Humanities Director!

  6. Dispelling the Myths of the Beauty Queen

  7. Dr. Crow commends Project Humanities Director

Create a Better World. Invest in Talking. Listening. Connecting.


“[T]he breadth of the way that you approach privilege is compassionate and opens the mind and heart to critical reflection.” ASU Professor Amira de la Garza  

“We are very pleased to be associated with Project Humanities’ continued work in engaging the public with the arts, humanities, and sciences and we applaud your success with your recent programs like Hacks4Humanity and Humanity 101." --John Churchill, PhD, Secretary, The Phi Beta Kappa Society

"I have fallen in love with everything that Project Humanities stands for, and strongly believe that your message needs to get out to the younger people in our communities. I know that I will be using your pillars within my classroom lessons and writing activities in hopes of teaching my students how they should be living each and every day." - Anonymous

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