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Humanity 101


  1. Spring Kickoff Events

  2. Beyond the Hijab: Pakistani Women’s Perspectives

    Beyond the Hijab: Pakistani Women’s Perspectives
  3. The Kindness Challenge

  4. Vital Voices: Children's Story/ Humanity

  5. NAMI: In our Own Voices

  6. Dr. Crow commends Project Humanities Director

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“I am a neural engineer working on Brain computer interfacing technologies. Thinking futuristic-ally of what my community is doing is as much essential as doing the engineering. This event prompted me to think in this direction. The event reminded me of Richard Feynman's conversation that they were partying when their nuclear bomb design worked, not realizing the damage and the consequences. Thank you!” - Anonymous

“Very intriguing; it gave me the ability to see the fluidity in response to Bipolar Disorder and the family dynamics.  I feel very determined to seek ways to help out in the community.” - Anonymous

This event was stupendous. It was extraordinary—moving, gorgeous artwork, spellbinding talk. Wonderful!” - Anonymous

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