Project Humanities



Humanity 101


  1. 2nd Annual "Funniest ASU Teacher" Contest

  2. Hacks 4 Humanity

  3. Project Humanities - Spontaneous day of service

  4. Project Humanities welcomes summer interns

  5. Perils & Perks of Privilege: Workshop

  6. Humanity 101: Raise 101 Voices

Create a Better World. Invest in Talking. Listening. Connecting.


“I have personally seen the impact their programming has had on their attendees, including myself. It has opened my eyes to a new world filled with possibilities, opportunities and experiences with the simple act of sharing dialogue. Project Humanities has forever enriched my life!” - Edgar Olivo, CLCC, Principal Career Coach & Training Consultant (community supporter)

“As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua, my job is to talk, listen and connect....I am living the humanities, and a great deal of my appreciation for the study of the humanities stemmed from a wonderfully simple, yet complex idea at Arizona State University. Project Humanities has a mission. It is bold. It is empowering. It is necessary.” - Zachary Moore (ASU alumnus)

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