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  5. Nikki Giovanni Visits Valley

  6. Humanity 101: Raise 101 Voices

Create a Better World. Invest in Talking. Listening. Connecting.


"It was indeed a fantastic experience to participate and to listen to so many wonderful lecturers and to connect with so many bright and enthusiastic young people! Thank you Neal Lester and your great team. We enjoyed it so much! You can be sure we take it with us in our hearts wherever we go... And who knows, even Amsterdam might join in ♥" - Helga M., The Netherlands

"I have fallen in love with everything that Project Humanities stands for, and strongly believe that your message needs to get out to the younger people in our communities. I know that I will be using your pillars within my classroom lessons and writing activities in hopes of teaching my students how they should be living each and every day." - Anonymous

"Over the course of the past five years we keep running into each other at many diverse venues, but at all times you have been working at setting the foundation and spreading the word of Project Humanities, and I have been enabling students to find their own foundation to begin firming up and growing their writing and speaking roots in hopes of going somewhere." - Anonymous

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