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  2. Hacks 4 Humanity

  3. 2nd Annual "Funniest ASU Teacher" Contest

  4. Gustavo Arellano

  5. An Evening with Nikki Giovanni

  6. Humanity 101: Raise 101 Voices

Create a Better World. Invest in Talking. Listening. Connecting.


“The internship and interaction with Project Humanities has translated into much more than I expected, not only by means of resume building and connections, but also by introducing me to a field of work that is inspiring and rewarding. My work with Project Humanities has illuminated my academic experience and exposed my selfish tendencies. I now work with a non-profit organization, joined a club on campus called “supplies for kids,” and have donated more than 30 hours of my time to a Phoenix-based Salvation Army. I’m confident that if Project Humanities is provided with the resources that will allow them to grow, they will reach more students like myself, enabling Arizona State to renew its values within and produce and nurture a more socially aware student body.” -Jared Siliverdis (ASU student)

“I firmly believe Project Humanities, as it continues to grow, is a forerunner in forging new bonds between people in sometimes polarized parts of communities. It really is as simple as talking, listening, and connecting.”  -Furdos Nurhussen (ASU alumnus)


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