Project Humanities

  1. Spontaneous Day of Service

  2. Film Screening and Discussion

  3. ARKHumanity

  4. Cultural Appropriation

  5. Dr. Crow commends Project Humanities Director


“Another great example of how Project Humanities is engaging community partners and creating dialogue.  Please continue to promote the work you do.”- Anonymous

“The panel was diverse, informative, and personable.  I enjoyed and appreciated their participation and willingness of sharing their personal experiences.  I am on the ground floor of a new organization with a value-based mission statement so I am very interested in everything that was presented. I have appreciated each PH event I have experienced- as they each point out how best to “talk, listen, and connect”. I plan on continuing my participation with PH and the entities that I have been introduced to by PH. I look forward to partnering with PH with our organization in the future.” - Anonymous

“ I follow your Facebook page, and I am very impressed by the imprint you have made on the Humanities at ASU.”—Professor Barbara McCaskill, University of Georgia

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